MAP Board Games

Life is a game. Games are life. 


I've a wide variety of games for all tastes,

Appetizer Games: 

These are games which are quick to learn and play and are good to pull out while waiting for all the players to arrive. 

Top BananaWhich fruit is the best? Find out!

Power Plant - Can you get charged up faster than your opponents?

Tiles - Small, simple, strategic. Outmaneuver your opponent in this abstract 2-player game.


Main Course Games: 

These games are the main event. These are ones that usually take 1 - 3 hours and require thought.

Summer of Rock

Goblin Taskmaster

Crimson Corsairs


Dragon Breeder

Bug Hunt


Cake and Ice Cream Games: 

These are games which are more party oriented.  Usually with lots of socializing.

Hero of Legend


Drinking Dice

Nine-Course Games: 

For these games you'll want to set aside an afternoon.  They are deep strategy, but very engaging.

Black Hole

Black Hole - Skirmish

Power Armor Commando

New Flavors to Old Classics: 

These are new versions of other, established games.

Imperial Rails (Crayon Rails)

Dream Rails (Crayon Rails)

Elder Scrolls Rail Builder (Crayon Rails)

Dream Barons (Rail Baron)

Iron Dragon Rail Barons (Rail Baron)

Elder Scrolls Barons (Rail Baron)

Trains in Steamworks (Trains)

What's in the Kitchen? 

I've got a mess of games not quite ready for primetime. Here's a taste.


Belle of the Ball

Reign of Dragons


Spells and Hexes

Exploration Station 17. 

Games are life. Life is a game.