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Life is a game. Games are life. 

Summer of Rock

SoR Poster.png

One, Glorious, Summer...

You just saw the most-awesome, rockingest, concert ever. You and your friends decide right then and there that you are going to follow this band across the America during their summer tour. You will need to scrounge for some cash to pay for that next ticket as you hitch-hike your way across the country in an effort to jam the most rock and roll into the best summer ever. During your own Summer of Rock.


You and your friends are trying to have the rockingest summer possible. You track the good times by collecting “rock”. You will get most of your rock by going to concerts, but you can also get rock from good karma. If you don’t seem to be having a rocking summer, don’t fret. It’s very possible to get a lot of rock in a hurry; keep at it!

Games are life. Life is a game.